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Funding our work here helps keep us yar, and gets you our digital discography (8 albums), as well as a C&D covers album and 4 rare early albums:

+ Here Comes The Gold (a beautiful surprise C&D covers album made by peers)
+ Dave's 2 earliest solo albums: David White (2001), and SUCCESS! (2005)
+ Coco's 2 unpublished 2001 albums: Sound Work, and Music Work

Our songs are currently preoccupied with bosons, bovines, queens, drones, workers, head-loss, heat loss, beer, bears, love, anguish, anchoresses, event horizons, robots, codes, hunger, raptors, preparators, rabbit holes, death, dendrochronology, paleontology, hearts, whales, windshield wipers, tv, the uncanny, valleys, vital sparks, others...

We've been C&D for ten years, and together for twenty-ish. We work out of an old house by the sea, wreaking songs and hosting residencies, recordings, supper ...

Your support and generosity here is spurring and steadying, and we appreciate your sympathetic resonance...
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Construction & Destruction
Port Greville, Nova Scotia
Spook rock book roll, emanating from the Atlantic littoral..

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