Cousins​/​Construction & Destruction Split

by Construction & Destruction



Waving at Ships features contributions by Cousins (Aaron Mangle and Leigh Dotey).
Vinyl available through .
Recorded at The Quarantine in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Mixed By Dave, Coco, Leigh, Aaron
Mastered by Bryan Martin at Sonosphere in Montréal, Québec, Canada.


released July 30, 2013

with Cousins




Construction & Destruction Port Greville, Nova Scotia

Spook rock book roll, emanating from the Atlantic littoral..


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Track Name: Sea Change
So many of you!
You are crowding me out of myself.
Your hubris is
emptying me out.

So many of you!
You are luring me out of myself.
I've been baited!
I've been all fished out!

I felt the fell swoop,
and I felt the pluck.
I felt the wake across my length and
I knew I was fucked.

So many of you!
And each with a treasure
in their craw.
Can you handle it?
Can you well-receive the haul?

(Can you?
Can you *really* though?)
Track Name: My Heart, My Heart
My heart, my heart;
clumsy little heart.
Little heart that stops and starts.
It's just another part that can break.

My heart, my heart;
my impulse-charged heart.
Clumsy little pump.
An ageing little lump that
bumps and bumps.

Impulse, impulse;
every beat that makes my pulse.
Every hiccup, every hour,
every offbeat will remind me
of my fate.

Ocean, ocean;
electrolytic ocean.
Rising, falling ocean.
Your rhythm is not open
for debate.

Brother, brother,
you were found shortly after
you had chicken wings for supper.
You were going to get up later
for the plate.

My heart!
Clumsy little heart.
Little heart that stops and starts.
It's just another part that can break...
Track Name: Waving at Ships
We were waving at ships from the dry dock.
And it was so dry, and we so parched.
And we waved and waved 'til we cramped up,
and had to stand with our arms at odd angles;
a salutation, and a kiss-off.

So we plotted before the next send-off,
that each would bring a blade to the dry dock.
And to each approach each without notice,
so each did agree to take shoes off.
(One last merciful act before lights out).

And after each having unshod,
so then did each raise blade and cut swathe.
Two heliocentric intersects;
two heads,
lopped off.

No longer heliotropes eclipsed,
but perihelion to each,
then ellipsis...